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Website Speed up

I am website speed optimizer. Doing website speed optimization since 2010. I start website speed up freelance work when I was studying part time. After completing my study, I start full time work and get lot of experience with doing this work. Currently, I am doing speed optimization with all types of websites. I have worked with many big websites in my work history. Lot of big companies hire me in there own offices for speed optimization work.

I ranked so many websites in search engines. Faster website ranked higher in search engines specially in Google, website is must be faster. I have worked with many IT companies also in many projects.


Service offer:

HTML website speed up , PHP website speed up, WordPress speed optimization, Magento speed up, Joomla speed optimzation, Drupal Speed up, SilverStripe speed optimization, Modx speed up, Concrete5 speed optimization, SEO, Website Designing.


My Suggestions to Speed up Website:

  1. Optimize Server Reduce Time
  2. Enable Compression
  3. Enable Browser Caching
  4. Minify Files
  5. Optimize all images
  6. Reduce Plugins
  7. Remove redirects those making site slower


What kind of access I need to start speed optimization :

I need access of Cpanel, FTP, CMS. I may need other access also but these are complusory access that I need to start my work.


My wordpress experience :



But from past years I am not working on freelanc websites. I am working with It companies on project basis and working with direct clients who contact me by this website or facebook page. I love to work with IT companies with project basis and charge low fees to IT companies for my work.